2020 Messages

Opposites Attract

We have the responsibility of believing all of God’s promises are true. God can give us an uncompromising faith through prayer & thanksgiving, reading God’s Word and worship.

All is Well. BE THANKFUL

We need to be thankful for God’s benefits, our salvation, answered prayers, peace, hope and His forgiveness. Trust God with everything.

The Realm of the Unknown

Faith and fear both live in the realm of the unknown. We need to choose faith over fear.


Moving On with Exceptions

 An exception is when we choose what we desire over what God desires. No matter how big our sin is, God’s Grace is greater.

Enduring the Storm

As we endure the storm, we should remember God is with us, choose beckoning over bickering and feed faith not fear.

Overcoming Fear

Fear of what others think of you and the fear of the unknown can keep you from following and obeying God’s leading in your life.

Empowered Moments

Christianity is not what we do but what Jesus did. God is asking us to show up, speak up and leave the rest to Him.

Don’t Forget Who You Are

When you are feeling unworthy remember to find your true identity in Christ. Your identity drives purpose in your life. Discover how God sees you.

The Gospel Is

Join us this weekend for an inspiring message about The Gospel Is

Finding Peace in Frustrating Times

Pastor Matt Roden will be sharing a message called “Finding Peace in Frustrating Times.”

The Unified Church

Join us online to hear a timely message from Pastor Ralph Johnson featuring a conversation with Pastor Matt Roden.

Why Am I Here?

What is my purpose? Why am I here on this Earth? Pastor Craig discusses how you can find true fulfillment and meaning in life.

In This Moment

How can we live in the moment and allow God to do a great work in us?

The Gift Of Time

How can you be wise with the time you have been given? 

The Cure For Fear

A perfect message to learn how we can pray, care and love at all times.

Calm in the Crisis

Take a few minutes to watch a message from Pastor Matt on how we can remain “Calm in the Crisis.” 


Being Reborn in Jesus doesn’t give us a new way of life, it gives us new life.

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