Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by partnering with local churches around the world so that communities and countries are transformed.

Are you interested in joining a Grace Family Church global trip in 2020?

Join us for our Global Mission Strategy meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet some of the trip leaders, hear from others that have been on past trips and get your questions answered.

Global Interest Meeting

Sunday, October 6
5:30 – 7:00 PM | Waters Campus

Global Partners

We partner with like-minded missionaries and Christian organizations that are committed to the people in the country in which they serve. These Global Partners have developed long-term relationships with the local pastors and community leaders and have a valuable knowledge of the culture and customs of the country. Thanks to the groundwork they have laid, we are able to effectively support, build relationships with, and serve these churches and communities.

C D Light Ministries Belize
Reach families for Christ through their children, to evangelize them to go out and reach future generations for Jesus

Children’s Cup
Assist with African orphanages

Christian Worldwide Evangelism CWE
Serve through building and medical with evangelistic opportunities

Direct Christian Impact DCI
Mobilize teams to minister to the poor of Central America and Mexico

EMI – Engineering/Building
Architects/engineers donating skills to help children and families in poverty

Train church leaders internationally

Evangelistic Gospel Ministries Pakistan
Reach the unreached with the global approach through Gospel Crusades, Evangelical & Literature outreach

Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries
Cultivate Messiah-centered relationships that bless the inhabitants of Israel—Jews, Arabs, and others—and the Jewish community around the world

Forefront Ministries – India
Build church leaders in India

Galcom International
Reach non-literate and oral learning peoples

Helping Hands Latin America
Serve in Nicaragua with job training & feeding programs

Indigenous Training Min., Inc.
Leadership/Evangelism Training

Latin American Miss. Challenge(1)
Feed the physically and spiritually poor in Jerusalem

Latin American Miss. Challenge(2)
Feed the physically and spiritually poor in Central America (Guatemala)

Missionary Ventures – Orlando
Impact nations for Christ

One City Ministries, Inc
Mission to Uganda, Africa

Orphan Network
RESCUE children that have been abandoned, abused, socially orphaned or truly orphaned in Nicaragua

Schools for Haiti
Building schools for children in Haiti and their communities for Christ

The 410Bridge
Empowering Nations

Traci Watson Ministries

Transformation India Movement
Evangelism in India

Victory Missions
Support and training for church and campus ministries in Latin America and West Africa

Watoto – Africa Children’s Ministry
African Children’s Ministry

Wycliffe Bible Translators S.I.L.
Translating God’s word into every language