Pastors and Staff

Van Dyke Campus

Ralph Johnson

Executive Pastor/Campus Pastor

Stephen Christian

Associate Campus Pastor

Mark Hutchinson

Associate Campus Director

Blake Anglin

Maintenance Custodian

Landon Beard

Live Video Producer

Dee Bennett

Care Pastor

Dale Brooks


Maddie Call

Worship Leader

Jennifer Clements

Executive Assistant/Campus Ministry Coordinator

Fernando Correa

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Elijah Fisher


Stephen Garcia

Student Pastor

Frankie Guerrieri

Maintenance Custodian

Doug Hinders

Pastor / Groups Coach

Marilyn Hinders

Women's Groups Coach

Kaleb Jimenez

Maintenance Custodian

Elizabeth Leland

Maintenance Custodian

Julia Leon

Clubhouse Ministry Coordinator

Trudy Loots

United Middle School Ministries Coordinator

Cameron Myers

Maintenance Custodian

Pam Otto

Campus Women's Ministry Coordinator

Damian Pepe

Executive Chef

Jovani Perez

Exchange/ United Worship Leader

Samuel Persaud

Men's Ministry Coordinator

Helen Pillot

Homebuilders Ministry Coordinator

Chris Rinklin

Couples Pastor

Fritz Ruhe

Care Pastor

Calvin Tobin

Maintenance Custodian

Julie Tokat

Executive Admin Assistant

Diana Velez

United Student Ministry Coordinator

Joany Whitesell


Kimberly Wright

Food Service Coordinator

Toni Ynes

Executive Assistant to Pastor Craig