Pastors and Staff

Central Staff

Family Ministries

Michael Call

Executive Pastor of Operations

Allen DiStefano

Executive Pastor for Worship and Weekend

Jeanna White

Executive Pastor of Children's Ministry

Brent Altman

Director of Missions

Cheryl Anderson

Freedom Leadership Coordinator

Rolanda Beacham

Prison Ministry Coordinator

Ann Billo

Local Outreach Ministry Coordinator

Kristin Bonham

Women's & Freedom Pastor

Jennifer Buric

Accounting Supervisor

Judy Call

Business Administrator

Casey Call

Maintenance Specialist

Billy Camillo

Music Production Coordinator

Bill Camillo

Technical Director

Bonnie Camillo

Executive Assistant to Weekend

Jonathan Caplinger

Worship Administrative Assistant

Trey Cavaliere

IT Systems Manager

Mauricio Chicas

Print Coordinator

Delaney Cleary

Children's Creative Content Assistant

Charlee D’Attoma

HR Administrative Assistant

Patricia Davis

Connection Director

Max del Monte

Graphic Designer

Sharon DiStefano

Design Coordinator

Deb Doering

Contributions Manager

Don Drummond

Maintenance Specialist

Brittany Durham

Worship Pastor

Katie Eldridge

Web Graphic Design

Daniel Fajardo

Video Producer

Elijah Goncalves

Executive Children's Ministry Assistant

Maria Goncalves

Executive Children's Ministry Assistant

Mick Hall

Central Tech Coordinator

Rossaue Hosein

Beautiful Ministry Coordinator

Jeanne Johnston

Manager of Leadership Development

Matt Jones

Video Producer

Paul Loots

IT Specialist

Andrew Marcal

Central Tech Admin

Alfredo Marrero

IT Assistant

Chrissy Mayer

Young Adults Ministry Coordinator

Greg Mayer

Maintenance Specialist

Hal Mayer IV

Young Adult Pastor

April McCullohs

Local Outreach Director

Neal McCullohs

Groups Pastor

Hannah McFadden

Administrative Assistant

Joshua McNeel

Sound Designer / Creative Support

Johnmichael Moran

Maintenance Specialist

Ann Morrick

Retail Manager

Doug Otto

Leadership Development Pastor

Heredes Ribeiro

Creative Pastor

Megan Richie

Video Producer

Helene Rinklin

Human Resource Manager

Christy Rivas

Senior Creative Director of Communications

Stacy Roberson

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Tim Searfoss


Jonathan Starrett

Children's Creative Pastor

Rachael Starrett

Children's Creative Assistant

William Stead

Central Media Manager

Austin Stead

IT Specialist

Amber Theriault

Global Missions Coordinator

Alexis Villar

Children's Group Coordinator

Jerry White

Children's Pastor

James Womble

Social Media Coordinator

Ana Womble

Graphic Designer

Lara Wood

Operations Administrator / Facilities Manager

Michelle Zacarias

Administrative Assistant