Youth Worship Auditions

Hello from the Worship Team!

We are so excited to hear you’re interested to serve in our youth worship team! From our Senior Pastor, Craig Altman, our heart for worship is to:

  • Show the Bigness of God
  • Engage the Congregation (Crowd)
  • Cover ourselves with a Heart of Humility

Our goal for everyone on the team is to provide an opportunity for you to use your gifts and talents while being challenged and sharpened to bring your best and lead others to know and worship God.

Every video audition is evaluated in these areas:

  • Musicality – Knowledge of the key signature and pitches (Excludes dance team)
    • Timing – Staying on tempo and in rhythm
    • Feel – Singing/playing stylistic to the genre
  • Presentation – Visual and physical posture
  • Heart – Attitude and humility
    • Enthusiasm – Genuine enjoyment

When your video is uploaded to your YouTube account, use the button below to get to the Audition Form. 

Ready to Audition? Follow these 3 Steps:


Use the links below to find the audition resources you need, including a reference track, sheet music, and audition track (with your instrument left out). 


After you record your audition, upload it to the service of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). 


When you have a link to your audition, CLICK HERE to submit it with the audition form. 

Dance Auditions

  • Video record the person auditioning mimicking the dance moves of one of the videos below.
  • To evaluate rhythm, the Dance Audition Audio track must be heard in the video.
  • We are evaluating your memorization of the moves, so please DO NOT watch the video when you record. 

Audition Form

Please Complete

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • NOTE: for vocal auditions, a dance audition is also required.