Hurricane Irma Updates

Hurricane Relief Updates

Ways You Can Help


GFC will be reaching out to qualified organizations in our community and state where the donation of monies can be used to assist with relief and rebuild efforts. If you would like to give, mark your giving with “Hurricane Irma Relief” or online please select “Hurricane Irma Relief”. All monies ear marked will be given to these organizations.

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If you have material donations, we are directing these to the Salvation Army. Our facilities are not equipped with the resources to collect, sort and disperse these type of goods. Click here for the closest drop-off location –


GFC is seeking organizations providing relief and rescue efforts into the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. Once we have researched and qualified, we will begin to organize these teams. Clicking the link below will give us the necessary information to assist putting these teams together. You will need to plan on being away for 5-7 days from work and home. Once you have added your name to the list we will keep you updated by email.

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