“God saved our family through the amazing people in our group. The church became smaller for us and God became even more real through the relationships we built. That’s when Grace became home.”

– Angel & Leivis A.


Our easiest step into a couples group

  • Meets on campus


Invest in your relationship and connect with other seriously dating or engaged couples.

  • Gain personal insights through in-depth assessment
  • Develop skills to build lifelong love
  • Meets in person
  • 9 week class, $45 per couple to attend

Marriage Intensive

When your marriage is hurting and finding
the right plan to rebuild is critical.

  • Find the right plan to rebuild your hurting marriage.
  • 10 weeks
  • Limited spots available
  • Free Registration is required

Specialty Groups

Groups with teaching focused on specific elements of marriage

  • Communication Reset
  • God’s Master Plan & Marriage
  • All classes cost $20 per couple

Online Groups

Connect with a group in a home, coffee shop or workplace.

  • All groups meet online


Discover how to reach the heart your child while building a parenting plan that works.

  • Reach the heart of your child with a parenting plan that works.
  • 7 weeks
  • Cost $20, workbook included
  • Only 1 registration needed per family
  • This semester, available at Van Dyke and Land O Lakes

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