We are super excited for another round of wonderful, lifesaving blood drives at Grace Family Churches around town! The Big Red Bus will be at 4 Grace Family Church locations on Saturday, July 11 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Here are the links for each location. We are now offering FREE COVID-19 Antibody testing with every successful blood donation.

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It Is Safe to Donate Blood?

The U.S. Surgeon General and the FDA have stated that it remains safe to donate blood and that it is safe to attend blood drives.

All blood centers are regulated by the FDA and must follow strict guidelines on how they operate. OneBlood meets all FDA guidelines and all team members follow strict safety protocols including:

  • All OneBlood phlebotomists wear masks and medical gloves that are changed for each donation.
  • All donor-touched areas and equipment are disinfected with hospital-grade cleansers after every donation. This includes, donor beds, registration tablets, blood-pressure cuff and hemoglobin sensors.
  • A sterile collection set is used for every donation.
  • Every donor receives a mini-physical that includes a temperature check to ensure donors are healthy and well on the day of donation.
  • Only people who are healthy are eligible to donate blood.
  • You may only donate whole blood every 56 days.

Social Distancing at Blood Drives

OneBlood has implemented additional social distancing safety protocols including:

  • Only a certain number of people will be permitted on the Big Red Bus at any one time. Donors will be asked to provide their cell phone number so they can wait in their car or outside the bloodmobile. They will be called when it is their turn to come aboard the bus to donate blood.
  • Having a ready blood supply is vital to our community. By making blood donation a habit, you are helping ensure a ready blood supply 365 days a year. Donating blood has been deemed an essential service by the government.