There is more to life. Groups get you there. 

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You can host your own sermon discussion group online.

1. Take 30 seconds to fill out the form here to get discussion guides and tips emailed to you in advance

2. Invite a few friends, family members, coworkers, or neighbors.

3. Set a regular time and day.

4. Use simple video conferencing and the discussion guide provided below

How to Facilitate Conversation


When playing ping pong, every other time the ball is hit, you are the one hitting it.

When playing pinball, the ball bounces all over the place and most of the time you are not hitting it. You simply are keeping it alive and trying to get it to bounce from one thing to another without coming back to you.

Remember, the goal is conversation, not monologue. You are the facilitator, not the expert. Try to focus on facilitating a conversation, rather than teaching a lesson. Your group conversation should be more like playing pinball than ping pong.

Video Conferencing Made Easy

How to Schedule a Google Hangout

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