90 Day Challenge – Sierra

Sierra's Story

Growing up as a preacher’s kid, I have seen first hand the amazing blessings that come with tithing. My husband on the other hand, did not see eye to eye with me on the subject. We started giving to GFC close to two years ago but it was nothing close to the 10% the Bible states we should be giving. Every week after church, my husband and I would discuss tithing a little more, until finally he agreed to let me take over our finances and rearrange our budget to allow for 10% of our income to go to the church. I was shocked but praised God for his conviction! I began to diligently figure out the best way to rearrange our budget, which ultimately led to putting a lot less in savings each month and cutting back on some of our play money. Not even a week after making the commitment and rearranging our budget, my husband’s boss pulled him aside to let him know he is getting a significant increase AND he will be getting a bonus this year! Just through our commitment to tithe the full 10% God has already begun to bless us financially. God has not only provided all that we need, but has provided above and beyond!

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