90 Day Challenge – Sabrah

Sabrah's Story

I want to share my story with the 90 day challenge. My husband and I have always tried to tithe, but we were short on money after paying the bills, so we were tipping God. We struggled with this, and felt like it was impossible to change. We made the commitment to tithe first, and trust that God would help us with our expenses, earlier this year, Jan/Feb. As soon as we committed to tithing correctly for just the first month, a new job opportunity opened up for me. I wasn't even looking, but the opportunity was there, totally a God moment. I interviewed for the position, and was offered an even higher level position than the one I applied for, and a 47% increase in salary. This is totally God, and we are so thankful for His blessings! We will continue to be faithful in giving God our full tithe first. He is in charge, he knows best!

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