90 Day Challenge – Richard & Mycesha

Richard & Mycesha

On March 8, my wife and I attended the service that ended with Pastor Craig's 90-day Tithe challenge. We had always tithed, but definitely not enough because it seemed the bills never stopped long enough for us to breathe. While we were in church, my wife leaned over and asked me, "Do you want to do this?" I told her "Yes, but you already know we are not going to get a refund because we're going to get a house, right?" She laughed quietly. We began immediately tithing each Friday. On March 20th, we heard the news we had been waiting on for almost 4 years: we were pre-approved to begin shopping for our first home! On March 25th, we had identified our dream home and submitted a contract - which was accepted. After getting our finances together (which was another hurdle) and being technically "homeless" for 4 weeks, we closed on our beautiful home in Lake Magdalene on May 7th. Just 60 days after making the commitment, we were able to accomplish this major achievement we had been attempting for so long! We already knew no one can say no when God says yes, but this was reinforced and this is our testimony. All praises to God!

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