90 Day Challenge – Rebecca

Rebecca's Story

My husband and I have been attending Grace for a few years. Even though we have been Christians long enough to know better, we never really tithed consistently. My husband was married before and we have spent the last 10 years in legal/custody battles with his ex-wife. To say we were drained in every way possible is an understatement. A few months back our attorney recommended we split all of our bank accounts and about a month ago we finally got around to it. At that point I told myself I was going to start tithing at least with my money. I got my next check the same day I had family flying in town to visit us. I debated waiting to tithe until the following check so I would have a little money set aside to spend while they were here but I felt God just asking me to trust Him so I tithed that day. The very next day my boss called me into his office and handed me an envelope and told me to have fun with my family while they were in town. The amount he game me was $25 more than my tithe was. I smiled and knew God was smiling too. When I received my next paycheck, I tithed immediately and right after that I got my Duke Energy bill with a zero balance. When I called them they said because of my good history with them they didn't need such a big deposit so they gave me a credit for 2 months. I was completely blown away! Right before I wrote this e-mail I sent my 3rd tithe and was actually excited to do so. I can't wait to see all of the blessings God has in store for my family and me. I hope sharing this encourages someone else to tithe!

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