90 Day Challenge – Mark

Mark's Story

Just prior to the series on tithing I had been feeling convicted I was not consistent and had often used my own fuzzy math to calculate what I was to give to God.  As the series concluded, I filled out the commitment card and was determined to start that day.  I left the Sanctuary and quickly found the tithing kiosk. Unfortunately, it was not working.  Somewhere in my mind I decided the next pay check will be a good time to start and went home.  The next Monday morning I was stuck in traffic on a bridge. I felt God put on my heart to get out my phone and tithe right then and there on the website.  I obeyed, logged on and tithed what I had attempted to give the previous day.  That evening on my way home in the very same location, but going the other way, I got a phone call from my daughter’s orthodontist in Alabama.  My initial thoughts were they must need more money, even though I had recently paid off the entire account.  The lady proceeded to tell me they have been trying to track me down for the last couple months but had bad contact info for me. After 18 months, insurance paid a claim previously denied.  The doctor’s office had a check of almost $1,000 they were sending me.  That in itself is truly a God thing and every time I share the story I get goose bumps. Then two weeks later, my boss called me in and told me I am being considered for a promotion, along with a substantial raise.  This is something that would be a new created position and again, only can be a  God thing. However, the most significant blessing I have seen over the last few weeks is for the last 4 years my daughters have not spoken to me since my divorce. I have spent years of one way dialogues hoping one day for a response.  Last week my oldest daughter actually responded to one of my emails and although it was small, it was a blessing bringing me to tears every time I think about it. Now, on paydays I wake up grab my phone and truly give God my first fruits just hours after my paycheck is deposited in the middle of the night.  I do this with such joy in my heart because I am seeing what God can do in my life when I am obedient to the only thing He asks us to test Him on. I wish I could stand in front of everyone in the church and let them hear my story, it is not about me, it’s just about me being obedient and God blessing. I am so excited about what is in store, things that I cannot even imagine.  My commitment will be steadfast and will not waiver. Thank you for helping me understand what God wants to do for me in my life when I simply obey Him.

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