90 Day Challenge – Luanne

Luanne's Story

I always believed, “What does God care about money? Money is just a made up concept.” After hearing the financial messages at Grace Family Church, I realized it meant more than just giving money. For me, the part that really sunk in was the story of Cain and Abel. God blessed Abel because he gave with his heart and did not bless Cain because he gave selfishly. I am a single, 27 year old female with no dependents. I am a waitress with 100% of my income coming from tips. I do not see a paycheck because it all goes to taxes. I make enough to support myself, plus a little more. I started tithing on March 1st. I decided to give not for a financial blessing, but because I wanted God to know that I trust Him. For me, this is intimate. I didn't think anything would change financially, but after seeing week after week I began to laugh in amazement. On average, I make about $700 a week. Week 1: $849 in tips = $84.90 tithing Week 2: $898 in tips = $89.80 tithing Week 3: $1103 in tips = $110.30 tithing Week 4: $757 in tips = $75.70 tithing Week 5: $1355 in tips = $135.50 tithing (I took one day off this week too, which is worth about $150) Week 5 is the most I've ever made in the entire history of my 9 years as a waitress. Don't give because you are looking for a reward. Give because on judgment day you can say, "I did what you said."

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