90 Day Challenge – Josh

Josh's Story

I will start off by saying that I was reluctant to start tithing and to take FPU because​ ​of the cost;​ ​h​owever, when Pastor Craig mentioned the 90​ ​Day Challenge, I was convicted to step up. I had always tithed, but never faithfully given my first fruits or 10%. My tithing was not a sacrifice, but merely a tip to God. I took the challenge and what transpired after the first month was not only a change in finances, but more importantly a change of heart!​ ​I was saved at an early age ​ and attended Bible college in Florida and received a Master's degree in Theology. I pastored three churches and lead Baptist Collegiate Ministries for a local college. Unfortunately, ministry and life came to a halt when my wife asked for a divorce. For four years, I was discouraged and angry for what had happened. Recently, with the change and release of my heart to God through the simple obedience of tithing, I have come home. I have found a new hunger for Him and His Word and an acceptance of His wonderful grace. This challenge brought me back home and to Him and for that I am eternally grateful​!  

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