90 Day Challenge – Jennifer

Jennifer's Story

After the "Treasure" series during this time 2 years ago, my husband and I felt like we needed to increase our tithing to 11%. Shortly after the decision, I received a raise at my job. During the "How to Be Rich" series, Pastor Craig said something that suddenly caught my attention, "We should be tithing the gross, not the net." I was baffled. After the service, I talked with my husband and couldn't understand why when we weren't actually taking in all of that money.  I spoke with my brother, who is currently studying to become a pastor, and he explained it to me very clearly. He told me to pray about it. So after praying, I finally understood the need to give the gross and we needed to correct our giving.  So the next week we tithed on the gross income. One week later, I received a $5 per hour raise at my job! It never ceases to amaze me how God honors obedience, especially in finances! Thank you for teaching and leading us, even when the message hurts sometimes!

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