90 Day Challenge – Evette

Evette's Story

I started working at my current job on January 5, 2015.  I am a single mom to a preschooler and was unemployed for several months last year. I had quite a bit of catching up to do with my bills when my first paycheck arrived at the end of January. Yet I was SO thankful for the 90-day tithing challenge because God had been speaking to my heart the week before the sermon series started about how to revise my budget to honor Him first with the money entrusted to me. I started tithing the full 10% of my gross income with the paycheck I received immediately following the message about the 90-day challenge.  I signed up for bill pay through my bank for my utilities and credit card bills and started to withdraw cash the day after I receive each pay check to cover my other expenses, food, gas, babysitter, etc., all of which I have been tracking in my budget.  Now for the blessings! - Paid off a credit card balance totally (almost $1000 within a month of starting the challenge) - Paid off my car 7 months ahead of schedule on a 48 month loan - Received three checks in the mail totaling over $200 (auto loan, federal and state tax over payments from prior years) - Learned my upcoming rental insurance payment will be reduced by almost 20% - Blessed the young woman who babysat my son while I attended Beautiful this semester - Received a free Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior from a co-worker this past week.  I had budgeted to purchase this tool kit for my son later this year, once I felt more confident about my own financial situation, but clearly God had other plans! - Yesterday I received confirmation of a job promotion - after less than 5 months of employment - and I truly look forward to increasing my giving to align with my upcoming salary increase. God is SO good and I cannot wait to see how he will continue to be a witness to His blessings and almighty power.

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