90 Day Challenge – Debra

Debra's Story

When we accepted the 90 day challenge on March 1st​,​ I was working a full time job. On April 20th, the company I worked for asked me to resign. I worked for them for twelve years, moving from a classroom teacher to a manager. I ran the childcare center for the company​, ​​which is a not for profit company. I ​was p​aid through the month of May and also kept my medical insurance. In June​,​ I will no longer have a pay check, but I will be on my husband​'​s insurance. Even with this all going on we are keeping the faith and still tithing the first 10%. I changed car insurance companies because the rates went up and found one $1800 cheaper. Our daughter received another scholarship which will pay for her summer classes in college. My husband has been given a lot of overtime at work. We know God will put me in a job where I ​can help people again. just like all the children and families I helped for the past twelve years. God always knows what is going to happen before we do and I truly believe He is working it out for me and my family.

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