90 Day Challenge – Christina

Christina's Story

So I'd like to share my tithing experience with you thus far since we are past the 90-day challenge. Saving and managing money has never been easy for our family of 4, soon to be 5. We were not excellent tithers before, but we increased our tithing by over 75% of what we did before. I have to be honest and say if we were to tithe 10%, we would not have a place to live. Of course the ultimate goal is to keep increasing whenever possible, God is so important to me and I would love to one day be able to tithe fully. So since we've started the challenge, I have to say, my paycheck has DECREASED by nearly $1,000 a month. A large amount of money is commission based off of things out of my control. We are given certain "orders" to work on at work and the orders have been non-existent in our company, hence the decrease. Of course my initial reaction every month lately is, “How can I still tithe this amount and even get groceries this month?” But, I believe God is faithful and will take care of us, even in tough financial times like this. So of course I'm going to continue to give this amount until the lights are threatened to go off. The main purpose of this story is because the day after (a Monday) we committed to giving “X” amount again, way more than ever before. The next day we found out we were expecting our 3rd child. Completely and utterly surprised; however, this was something I had prayed and pondered God for over 2 years. He had told me it would happen on His timing, and apparently He heard me complaining. I am never surprised with anything, so He surprised me at a time when I really thought it would NEVER happen. In addition, how ironic I had requested Monday off 3 months earlier and the original plans were cancelled. God's way of knowing I'd need that day off of work to digest, He answered. Also, another blessing was that our 8 year old son was accepted into a charter lottery school after being on their wait list for over 2 years. The chances of somebody moving out of town and him getting in like were crazy. So while money and job security are not there at this moment, I can happily say that we are receiving blessings elsewhere. I never give with the expectation that money would be falling from trees in our faces. I truly give with an open and servant heart. I WANT it to help others and bring them closer to God. I pray our financial situation, under God's timing, will get better or back to normal, so we can continue to give to God and make ends meet. With another one on the way and zero paid maternity leave, I ask for you to pray for us during these difficult times. Pray we don't lose our sight of the great God does and we continue to whole heartedly trust and know that He has got our back.

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