Care Ministry

Care Ministry
When you’re hurting, it’s difficult to focus on anything other than the pain. Whether it’s a conflict in your marriage, an addiction, a death in the family, or another emotionally difficult issue, life can quickly become unmanageable. The Care Ministry is here to help people proactively grow as individuals and as couples and also to provide assistance for those seasons in life when you need someone to lean on.

Support Groups

At GFC, support groups are offered to give you a chance to recover from the curveballs of life, and to experience our “hand’s on” God who cares about what’s really going on in your life. Most of the support groups are now closed for registration except those highlighted below. To register for these groups, click on the group name. Those groups that are still open are highlighted.

Women’s Groups

Monday Nights | Van Dyke Campus

  • DivorceCare – for men and women who are going/have gone through divorce or separated
  • DivorceCare for Kids – (ages 5-12) for children whose families are going/have gone through divorce
  • GriefShare for Women – healing from the loss of a loved one
  • Beauty for Ashes – healing from past emotional or physical abuse
  • Surrendering the Secret – post abortion healing
  • A Beautiful Heart –  sexual integrity
  • Untangling Relationships – understanding/dealing with co-dependency
  • Changes That Heal – overcoming negative self-images by discovering who you are in Christ
  • Boundaries – learning how to set healthy boundaries
  • Amazing Grace for Women – those dealing with addictions and support for those whose family member has an addiction
  • Every Heart Restored – for women who deal with husbands that are challenged by sexual integrity
  • Footprints – a support group for those battling any stage of cancer

Men’s Groups

Tuesday Nights | Van Dyke Campus

  • Anger Management – anger from a biblical perspective
  • Every Man’s Battle – sexual integrity
  • Unhooked – an “Every Man’s Battle” accountability group
  • Amazing Grace for Men – those dealing with addictions and support for those whose family member has an addiction

Prayer Vigil

Prayer Vigil

Next Vigil:

There are no upcoming events.

There is POWER in coming together as a community to PRAY. We will have stations that will guide you through several opportunities to pray for family, friends, the church, our world and anything you need healing from. Come as your schedule allows.

Soul Care

What is Soul Care? Everyone longs to be known, explored, discovered and touched. Soul Care is a relationship with a trained leader who is willing to come alongside you when life gets hard. Through one on one meetings your Soul Care provider will simply listen, encourage, support and be with you wherever you are on life’s road.

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Pastoral Care

This ministry provides pastoral counseling to those in need.

  • In times of loss, we will be there to give you ministerial guidance for funerals.
  • In times of crisis, we want to be a support to you through compassionate listening and giving you guidance that hopefully will help you through this crisis.
  • Premarital counseling is given to couples prior to their wedding.
  • We will officiate weddings that have gone through premarital counseling.

Hospital Ministry

As a part of the Care Ministry, we have a team of trained, caring volunteers that are available to visit shut-ins and loved ones of Grace Family members or regular attendees who are in a hospital or in hospice care.


The Grace Family Church Van Dyke Campus facility may be used for weddings and receptions by members or regular attenders based on availability.


The Grace Family Church Van Dyke Campus may be used for funeral and memorials by members or regular attenders and their families based on availability.


It is important to note that the counseling we provide is strictly pastoral care counseling. We do have a list of certified counselors that we can refer you to.

One-to-One Financial Counseling

Through our Money Mentors Program, Grace Family Church provides financial counseling in a one-to-one setting. Our mentoring approach is Christ-centered and consists of spiritual, emotional and practical components.

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